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Why Use AgencyReview?

Best Practices

Every marketing and communications initiative should deliver bottom-line results. To get the best results, and save time and money in the process, always hire marcom professionals who understand the unique requirements related to your industry, products or services, value propositions, audience profiles, sales processes, media and analyst contacts, partners and the competition.

So before your hire any full-service firm, freelancer, or consultant - carefully research the vendor's industry knowledge, client references and track record.

The Problem:  Who Has Time for Due Diligence?

Finding and qualifying specialists with the right mix of experience, capabilities, references, and chemistry is a time-consuming and complex process. Factor in short timelines, limited budgets, and operational logistics - and the process is even more challenging. Who has time? Yet, you take tremendous risks by failing to conduct due diligence. Hiring the wrong vendor negatively impacts everything from company morale and sales results, to customer, prospect and shareholder perceptions.

Why Use AgencyReview?

We mitigate the risk in your vendor selection process - by quickly finding and qualifying the best service providers. We analyze talent, verify experience, and scrutinize references - all within the context of your objectives. We even factor in work styles, culture, and personal chemistry to ensure that you get the support you need - to get the job done right the first time.

AgencyReview is a FREE Service!

There is never a cost or obligation for our core search service, and we strive to provide impartial recommendations throughout the entire process. Vendors pay us referral fees only after you are completely satisfied and have paid for their work.

Let us help you find the vendors for your next project. for more information, call 877.866.4863.


copyright 1998-2009 all rights reserved

copyright 1998-2009 all rights reserved